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Vertical Steam Boiler

HARARAT GOSTAR vertical steam are recognized guarantee of British design quality. Operating over many years in several projects, HARARAT GOSTAR Steam Boilers are renowned for reliability, durability, and high performance, as well as robust design.

HARARAT GOSTAR are the internationally acknowledged experts in the provision of steam and hot water generation systems to meet the latest standards. HARARAT GOSTAR boilers are founded on over a century’s experience in the design and manufacturing of international industry-leading innovation in Steam and Hot Water industry.

Design Concept: Developed using 100 years’ experience gained in the boiler industry, each product features a robust design and construction ensuring a long operational life and maximum efficiency. The well-proven design delivers maximum efficiency. The company's extensive ranges of Steam boilers incorporate all the controls, valves, and fittings required for safe operation.

Quality: HARARAT GOSTAR advanced production machineries, including automatic welding machines, electronic tube expanders, rollers, and plasma cutters, mean that production to the highest possible quality levels is assured. Furthermore, continuous research has been distinguishing characteristics of HARATAT GOSTAR products. HARARAT GOSTAR Steam and Hot water boilers are certified by ISIRI (INSTITUTE OF STANDARDS AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH OF IRAN), and quality process standards and procedures are third party audited to latest BS2790 and ISO 9001 standards. HARARAT GOSTAR Vertical Steam Boilers’ capacity ranges from 110LB/HR UPTO 1100LB/HR.

Hararat Gostar
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